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11-Cotton Club re-opening
11-Cotton Club re-opening

After being closed for a few months, the very badly famed “Cotton Club” re-open its doors. You are invited to the big day. We are going to be "All Jazzy"
12-Garden tour
12 - Garden tour

Mei li invites Lilly for a walk in a friend's garden.
13-A nice little pond
13 - A nice little pond

On a nice Summer day, Lilly takes some time strolling by a little pond. But accidents happen !!
14-Spruce Meadows
14 - Spruce Meadows

Lilly goes to the Masters International Show Jumping Tournament, at Spruce Meadows. She tells us about her visit.
15-A strange adventure
15 - A strange adventure

Marie accepts to take care of Mei Li s' little dog, together with Lilly and Kate.
Everything is fine, until our three friends decide to open a door...
16-A trip to Thailand
16 - A trip to Thailand

Julie, a facebook friend won a trip to Thailand. As she had another important engagement, she offered the trip to her friend Angelina.
17-A very special Day
17 - A very special Day

This story is a special tribute for the 150th anniversary of the Horsman Company.
18-Winter day for the boys
18 - Winter day for the boys

On a cold and snowy day, our two friends, Karim and Niels, keep busy.
19-Academy awards night
19 - Academy awards night

At this beautiful event, everything is glamorous and wonderful. Everybody loves everybody else.
Or, is it really ?
Moving out
 20 - Moving out

As we are moving from one country 
to another, so is the Gang. 
Another opportunity for a story.

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