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A new NEst
21 - A new nest

Lilly organizes her life in a new tiny apartment waiting for her definitive home to be built.

Night over
22 - Night over

Lilly receives a pleasant phone call. Mei Li is in town for one night. Time for a girl night over.
Western Canada
23 - Kate's adventure

Traveling in western Canada with Kate Walker.
22-Encounter in the park
24 - Encounter in the park

After a picnic Davina walks through the park and an event will change her life.
25 -  Sidewalk' surprise

Lilly got a big surprise while walking in her new neighborhood.
26 - Lilly's trip to Fontvielle

Lilly follows Alphonse Daudet's trail.
27 - Saint Paul du Bois Museum

Lilly visits a tiny museum of theater and costumes.
28 - In the footsteps of Lewis & Clark

Pierre visits Great Falls, Montana, site of "portage" during the great expedition.
29-Niels' Mission
29 - Niels' Mission

Lilly asked Niels to take care of Coco for the day.
30 - Cordoba

Mercedes & Angelina visit the Mesquita.

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