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The Asian room

Four dioramas will change on a regular basis. I create them following my inspiration or if I need them for a story. I have several orientals in the Gang so the Asian theme for a room was a must.

For this room I painted the two facing walls in soft beige, living the back wall white.

The sliding doors are two bamboo table sets glued between two dark wood batten.

A Chinese wall panel adorns the right wall,
and little paper lanterns make light fixtures

Found at my favorite second hand store, this little Chinese silk paper octagonal box makes today a nice screen in the room. With eight different personages I can even change it.

Above the couch, a long wood panel painted in black displays some Japanese art from Hokusai Hiroshige (Ukiyo-e period).

The couch is made of two blocks of foam covered in dark red satin with Asiatic prints.

The floor is covered with a golden carpet.

Another three toned bamboo table mat makes a nice under table carpet.

The coffee table is a piece of glass framed with black electrical tape.

It is placed over a black compartmentalized carton box filled with various decorative asian tokens.

The two seats were a lucky find from the second hand shop.

The little cushions are from and old broken Chinese fan (found on a Spanish street).

Yu (see Gang Identification) is very happy to welcome you in this Asian living room.