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Office Lilly # 02

After being tired of her first office, Lilly asked Kiah (and me) to transform it. She received as a gift a nice piece of toile de Jouy, and she adored it instantly.
Indeed Kiah (See Gang Identities) helped me a lot.
I glued the toile & plain dark red (burgundy) fabric on cardboard to give this striped effect.

I finished the top/bottom with white fabric trim.

I left the floor covered in black self adhesive paper.
I made two sewing machines (trying) to match mines, with air dry clay.

The result is not as good as I would like, and I will try again.

For the machines desk, the top and side are made with wood remnants, and I used match boxes for the drawers.

I finished the edge with fabric trim and painted all in white acrylic.

I made a thread holder of wood and two (false) sockets with air dry clay, to plug the machines.

The door is made of fiberboard and covered with toile. I framed it with the same fabric trim painted in white acrylic.

The lever handle is made with a metallic self adhesive hook (turned on the side) and glued on the fabric.

Hubby offered me a little mannequin that found it's place right away.
Here you have a close-up view of Lilly's sewing machine collection.

On the far right pic you can see her seated at her sewing table.

The seats are made with old mirror lamp shades that were covered with toile and bows.