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Alizayanna Corina  da Silva 


Address: Avenida Getulio Vargas, Manaus, Amazon  Brazil (see Google map)

Profession: Botanist,

Actual employer: University of the Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil.

Personal Information

Birth date: August 04 

Nationality: Brazilian

Hair color: Dark brown

Eyes color: Blue

Particularity:  beauty mark on the chin
General Information


Hobby: Making  herbarium, swimming, reading 

Marital status: Single 

Family relation: None with any member of the “Gang” 

Character: Courageous, calm, very bright 

Fashion preferences: No specific preferences, very practical for the field, comfortable for the city, extravagant for the Carnival. 

Favorite colors: Blue jeans, dark green, earth tone


Original doll: Gigi, from Sandra Bilotto, collection Butterfly Ring 
Comment: Smile re-painted by myself. The body was changed for a more articulated Alex from Mme Alexander