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Petunia Anne  Love

Alias/nickname: Petunia Greenwood 

Address: 4th Street NE Calgary, Alberta, Canada (see Google Map)

Profession: Journalist freelance 

Actual employer: Windy City News. 

Personal information 

Birth date: December 27 

Nationality: Canadian

Hair color: Red

Eyes color: Blue

Particularity: None
General Information

Pet: Bi-color, Persian cat, named “Wave”


Hobby: News and sensational, surfing WEB 

Marital status: Single. 

Family relation: None with any member of the gang 

Character: Generally gentle, but totally obsessed by her job, and very serious about it, that can drive her from sweet to totally uncontrollable. 
Fashion preferences: Office oriented, suit, Jacket & straight skirt, or jacket and pants. 

Favorite Colors: brown & light blue for the day, but like brighter tones for the evening. 


Original doll: Brenda Starr, Garden Party, Effanbee doll.

Comment: Mouth re-painted by myself.