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Blondie Norma Jeane  Baker


Address: Helena Dr, Los Angeles, CA  USA ( see Google map)

Profession: Starlet

Actual employer: None

Personal information

Birth date: June 1

Nationality: U.S. citizen

Hair color: Blond

Eyes color: Blue

Particularity: none

General Information

Pet: None 

Hobby: Everything Marilyn (art, Movies, clothes, object,etc. ) 

Marital status: Single 

Family relation: None with any member of the “Gang” 

Character: Gentle, a bit naive, but sweet 

Fashion preferences: Everything that Marilyn had, was seen in, or would have wear 

Favorite colors: Pink, white, and red 


Original doll: Simply Gene, Blond, Mel Odom . 

Comment: I've repainted her eyes.(didn't touch the make-up)

Other: Blondie was involved in a tragic car accident  and underwent a drastic facial and body surgery reconstruction