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Emori Waisea Ranakalou 

Alias/nickname: Bula (bula means hello in Fiji)

Address:  Royal Suva Yacht Club, Suva, Fiji Island.  (see google Map)

Profession: Tourism travel ambassador 

Employer: Tourism Fiji

Personal information
Birthday: October 10 

Nationality: Fijian

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Particularity: None

General Information
Pet: a parrot who lives in total freedom

Hobby: Sailing, surf

Marital status: Single. 

Family relation: None with any member of the “Gang” 

Character: Very active, outgoing, friendly 

Fashion preference: Cool and comfortable , love wearing sulu and flip flop 

Favorite color: coral, turquoise and soft natural

Original doll: Ultra basic Russel (2011) R. Tonner 

Comments: I cut his hair and made him a permanent curly wig

Other: Bula lives on board a Schooner Named "Domidoll "