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Fabio Juan Miguel  Adirano Castaño de Ayala 

Alias/nickname: Fab.

Address:  Avenida de la constitución Sevilla, Spain (see Google map)

Profession: Archaeologist, and curator of the Underground Museum

Actual employer: Universidad de Sevilla. 

Personal Information

Birth date: April 26 

Nationality: Spanish

Hair color: Brown

Eyes color: Blue

Particularity: None
General information

Pet: English Cocker Spaniel, gold, named Don Quijote. 
 Don Quijote

Hobby: Potteries and good wines. He is also a firefighter volunteer. 

Marital status: Single, but romantically involve with Lilly

Family relation: None with the “gang” 

Character: Gentle and serene, very romantic, 

Fashion preferences: Classic for events, comfortable at home, and rustic on field. 
Favorite colors: Sober colors.


Original doll: Matt O'Neill, Tee & Pj’s, brunette Tonner Cie.