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Louana, Jara, Chamorro -Tonelli

: Loula

Address: Avenue des Ligures, Fontvieille, Monaco

Profession: Student

Actual employer: None

Personal Information

Birth date: April 09 

Nationality: Monegasque of Nicaragua origin

Hair color: Black 

Eyes color: Brown 

Particularity: None
General Information

Pet: None.

Hobby: Books ( the little Prince, the tales of Mother goose )

Marital status: Single

Family relation: Davina Servais Tonelli adopted daughter

Character: Friendly, facetious .

Fashion preferences: None

Favourit colors:  Red, yellow, blue, green


Original doll: Janet (Wee friends) 2004 from Mattel


Other: Louana was born in Managua, Nicaragua, saved from the street and cared for by the Managua's orphanage