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Marie Laetitia  Chevalier

: Marie

Address:St Antoine Street (4th district) Paris, France (see Google map)             
Profession: Costume theater designer

Employer: Paris’ Opera Theater France

Personal information

Birth date: May 06

Nationality: French

Hair color: Brown

Eyes color: Hazelnut

Particularity: Tattoo on her right ankle 
General information

Pet: Black, Standard Poodle, named Figaro (from the Barber of Seville)

Hobby: Fabric, fabric, fabric,

Marital status: Married with Pierre Fox

Family relation: Lilly Fox’ mother

Character: Organized, dynamic and good listener.

Fashion preferences: She loves everything nice and old.

Favorite colors: All the colors are beautiful, if they have a purpose.


Original doll: Simply Gene brunette, Mel Odom, Ashton Drake Galleries
Comment: Repainted by the very talented Canadian illustrator, Glenn Mielke.