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Yoko  Aika Suzuki 

Alias/nickname: Yoko

Address: Naitomachi Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan (See google Map)

Profession: Silk import export

Employer: Owner of “Silk & Dye”

Personal information: 

Birthday: Feb 11

Nationality: Japanese

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Particularity: None 
General Information

Pet: None 

Hobby: History and culture of Japan 

Marital status: Single. 

Family relation: None with any member of the “Gang” 

Character: Discreet. 

Fashion preference: Kimono 

Favorite color: All colors that silk can hold 


Original doll: Jadde Lee Mme Alexander. (Rising star) 
Comments: Black eyes repainted by me . I switched the body for another Mme Alexander doll (Alex, Elle Wood) more articulated.