Kiah's office

Kiah is definitely modern, and this was more challenging for me to create her office as this is not my style at all. So, back to the modern decor magazines to learn a bit about this style. Why? Maybe just for the challenge.

I started by covering the floor with self-adhesive black and white marble paper. Kiah (see Gang Identities) being a fan of Formula 1 racing, the checkered flag was a must.

I added two low chairs (CD rack) covered in false black leather.

I placed (in two parts) on the right wall a print named "Change the world" by Kiah's favorite artist, photographer G. Garcin, thereby adding art without adding colors.

The desk: length 39 cm, depth 20 cm, hight 19 cm.

I kept neat lines for the clear wood desk . Only three small pieces glued together, then I framed the edge of the top with chrome tape.

The chair is made of a plastic bottle and a plastic tube. The base is a metal plate (from a table leg). I covered the chair with a bright red crocodile skin style fabric.

The file holder is a little wooden stripe crate found in my favourite 2nd hand store.

Kiah bought a colourful poster at a surrealist exposition that finally adds some colours to her office.

An empty wire spool, found while hiking, is covered with transparent rigid plastic and makes a perfect low table.

The client area is delimited by a red bamboo mat floor (table mat) .

The floor light fixture is an optical fiber decor element (from a $ store). It is battery powered and changes colors periodically. This gives a very dramatic effect in the whole office.

The very peculiar clock is made of numbered beads randomly glued on the wall.

Fluorescent ceiling light fixtures are made with scrapbooking mirror elements and pill box lids.

I used a TV connector, a piece of wire and a rubber washer for the desk lamp.

Kiah cleans her desk, takes some files, and folds her laptop, then she leaves for a new appointment.