Here is where you will find all about the Condominium my Gang is living in. The construction of the main building and the various rooms,  as well as the creation of the furniture and the decor.
-The "building" by itself will not change a lot and it is there to stay. 

-The Eden Café and the Nirvana's Shop will undergo a makeover from time to time but only for slight changes.

-The Nirvana's window will change on various occasions depending on events and requests (basically my imagination's demands ).

-The Shangril'attic  will not change drastically as it it used for storing books and little objects used for the rooms decor. 

-The Heavenly Hair is more a window than a shop, and it is meant to be used as a storage for the wigs.

-The Tiangtang Market will stay as it is. It is there only to make the decor more realistic.

-The "rooms" (four of them) are going to be created, used, and played with to create one or several stories, and then photographed and posted. Then they will be emptied and transformed into another room (office, living room, bedroom etc..) for another play and for other photos and posts.

To the right you can see a "virtual" (photoshopped) picture of the condo as it is in my head.

I hope you will enjoy the visit