My dolls' lives are made of friendship, adventures and glamourThey can be anywhere: a beach, a cave, a park or a club, a mysterious island or the top of a mountain. 

-The stories started with my friend Anne, some years ago, but as today we live an ocean apart, it is not so easy to play together. But believe me my dolls are really demanding and need adventures, so I keep going out with them (and my camera), and I listen to their stories. Some of the stories you are about to see were created while I was living in Canada near my friend. The sets were created in her home or mine. We didn't spend a lot except of our imagination,  and fun was always part of the game. Some of the pictures you are going to see in the stories have been taken by Anne, and I do not want to to take credit for all of them.

 -The dioramas will offer you a view of the place they stay when at home in their condominium environment in Paradise City (My office).

-Their identity cards will tell you the basics of their personality, origins, profession and preferences, and even if they have pets.

I hope that I can share these fun moments with you all.

 Version Française: www.histoires.domidoll.com

My Gang places

Here you will find the places my Gang members are living in. The addresses are real and correspond to the personality/nationality/history of each of them.  
Indeed they also have a room in their condo in "Paradise Island", an imaginary perfect place in my heart (and in my home office) where I can build dioramas for their pleasure and mine.