About me

My name is Dom (short for Dominique). I'm passionate about fashion dolls, their world, fashion, glamour and elegance, and I am so amazed by the talent of their creators

I am not a collector, in the sense that I have no interest in keeping my dolls on shelves for the  sole purpose of admiring  and/or reselling them. I own  today 52 dolls coming from various designers, R. Tonner, Mel Odom, Madame Alexander, Sandra Bilotto, Horsman, Effanbee, Susan Wakeen, Jakks Pacific toys and even for some stories I invited Placo Toys and Mattel Inc.

Who is behind the Gang

Of course it's me (Dom). I was lucky to share this passion with my best friend Anne (Jade). We have played a lot with our dolls. I 'm using past tense, as I am now living in Spain and she still lives in Canada, quite a long way to play on a regular basis eh? :(

Of course, we know that dolls do not have a real life (but don't they really?? :) ) but we did our best to place them in real “situations”.

I call my dolls “the Gang”, my friend calls hers “the Vinyl’s”. Together they are forming « the Vinyl’s Gang », and they had a lot of adventures together.

While still living near each other, from time to time my friend & I decided on a theme and we set a date, then we got ready (at my place or hers) to set a decor. Each in our turn, we created an environment with a minimum of investment and a maximum of fun and imagination. Everything went in the world of the Vinyl’s Gang. Often during our “play days”, mystery and romance arose. It could be a murder, or a disappearance, or a theft or just love at first sight. However, for easy access, this site will show only simplified stories that will be appropriate for all viewers.