Celestial Garden

The Celestial garden is situated on top of the Grocery Ialou. 

I wanted a winter garden for the Gang to enjoy some greenery, listening to the gentle flow from the fountain and the birds songs.

This was the first setting to get an idea of space for the garden  situated on the grocery' s roof.

I found a nice view of a winter garden, enlarged it and printed in on 8 different pages. I glued then reassembled the full picture on a strong cardboard. 

I fixed the background and added some elements on the floor, just for the pleasure.

The picture brought depth to the room. but the edge between the background and the floor was too sharp for my taste. I wanted something continuous, bringing the outside inside the room. 

I built a step,  and replaced  the two white ceramic planters on each side of it.

To keep the continuity, I glued little strips of paper on the floor,  and painted them  trying imitating the stones floor pictured in the original background. 

The step and the planters hide a bit the part where the background and the floor meet.

I framed the  room with two " walls" . I cut  leaves shapes in cardboard, then painted them white. I glued the base of each panel on the top of each side of the cabinet/grocery. Betty already approves.

I found a "Whatnot"of this style  but broken and painted.

Of course this open place needed a railing  for aesthetics and security.  Some left over pegs from a  wooden "Whatnot" shelf  what just what I needed to build a rail.

 I simply placed/glued the pegs between two wooden slats and painted everything white.

 I hot glued the base slats directly on the floor .

The bird are very friendly and Eowyn never forget to bring some seed for them when they come to visit the (working) fountain.

Now my friends have a nice place to relax. This winter garden is welcoming visitors quite often for work, photo shoot, and even little tea parties.

Alizayanna studying her  Dry Flowers Plants Collection .

Betty  just passing by, on her way to the coffee shop.

Sirine  enjoying her last 20´ fashion acquisition.

Angelina   finishing a meeting with her boss need to think.

Halldora  taking a break between teaching classes.

Davina is enjoying tea time with her two little daughters Tica and Louana.