Here you will find the moments, the stories, the adventures my Gang are living. Those are short stories, I tried to place them in a kind of chronological order, but imagination does not work necessarily according to the calendar. Open them whenever you want in whatever order you like. To open the story, click on the link (title or button) that will open a new page. Enjoy.

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1-Olympics 2016

Which country, which City, will receive the Olympic Summer games in 2016?
Alizayana from Brazil invites her Spanish friend, Mercedes, for the evening.

02- Taking care of Mitsou

While away, Mei li asked Marie to keep an eye on her little shiatsu, Mitsou.

03- Magnificat

The most original exposition of feline art is taking place in the "Martindale Underground Museum".
You are cordially invited.

04- Halloween seance

October 30th, a retired politician invites some guests to an Halloween party in his mansion situated in the center of the French quarter in New Orleans.

05- What's for Christmas?

Christmas is coming soon, our friends are making plans.

06- Christmas Party

The tree is beautiful and everybody's ready.

Time for our friends to have a good time together

07- Nutcracker

Christmas re-visited

 Based on the story "the Nutcracker"by E.T.A. Hoffman  the ballet is delightfully rearranged by a great conductor.

08- New Year

There is no new year without party, gifts, good food and music. Our friends are celebrating all the night.

09- House warming

In 2005, a little group of friends decided to rent together a condominium. They were few at this time, and the "Gang"was not yet created. you are invited at their house warming.

10- Spa day

At a charity event, Lilly won a full treatment day for three at a high class spa near the Rocky mountains. she will go with her mom , Marie and asked her best friend Mei Li to join them. 

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