Time period: April 30-2000

At this time, 16" Gene Marshal from Mel Odom, had already entered my life. You can see her on my table (on my far right, with a blue dress) . I was still sewing for Barbie but the 16" became more appealing to me and slowly I was only back to the doll shows to sell what was left of my dressed Barbies. I still had some “outfits only” bags, but as I didn’t sew any more of them ,little by little my reserve diminished.

One lady came and asked me if I could reproduce her mom's wedding dress. She had found a couple, made of porcelain, and had it repainted to her young parents likeness. She found a suit for her dad but asked me to make the wedding dress for the bride. It was a challenge for me because it was not a Barbie, and I am not good at working /making my own patterns

I managed and made the dress. My customer was very happy and even came back later to thank me on behalf of her parents with some mores pictures.

original photo of the couple

reproduction on porcelain doll for the couple's 40th anniversary