Nirvana's Shop

The Nirvana's shop is located on the main floor to the right of the building beside the Eden Café

Olga the manager being in love with Ulysses the Sailor, the general theme of the first Nirvana's decor is the sea . So blue is the main idea for the decoration. Clothing, shoes, hats, jewelry, all is present in the little shop at one time or another depending on Olga's organisation and sales.

Please follow me for a quick visit of the Nirvana's shop.

The blue carpet is a remnant from the Brico-store. The shelves are made of wood and painted in white. They do not have a back as they show the wall painted white as well behind them.

The fitting room is a tall wooden box closed with a blue cotton curtain for privacy. In front of the fitting room stands a swivel mirror.

Lizbeth was hired to pose for the first Nirvana's commercial, and you can see a poster to the right of the store entrance. She was seen numerous times in newspapers and fashion magazines.

Far right, one of the advertising posters.

The cash register and credit card machine are made with air dry clay.

Olga the manager is ready to open the store.

I have etched the glass panel in front of the cash register with a soft silhouette, it closes partially the entrance without blocking the light. 

At the end of the day, Olga closes the door. She can even roll down the iron curtain when necessary.

The Iron curtain is made of corrugated cardboard painted with metallic spray paint, then finished with chrome tape.

The tiny key is a scrap-booking element.