The little Monkeys´ adventures

As I am more often now using low coast travels, my luggage are limited in weight and size. It is not always convenient for me to carry a 16"doll as  travel companion, so I turned my choice on smaller dolls.

First I had only one little Kelly doll and my lovely friend Anne sent me another one. Now the two little friends are inseparable, I called them my little monkeys.

 Their shoes, hat, outfits, sewing/ knitting are made in home.

Their stories are not very elaborate , they are more of little moments of their lives. After taking some pictures I simply make little vignettes.

The first encounter. 

Kelly (light red head) was a bit lonely so Auntie Anne sent Sara( white hair) in holidays and the two girl got along so well that Sara decided to stay.  

We have only a terrace with a single bougainvillea , the girls decided to play there and... this was only the beginning.

When traveling, some time we stay in hotels and the little monkeys adore this. So much to discover. So much to play with. This time it's a telephone, like an old telephone version!! with a cord wow!!

Bathroom are fun too

In another hotel they set their sights on a dresser

Some time  little mischief leads to big problems and Hubby must come to the rescue.

Hubby and I we love making puzzles, but with the little monkeys around ...

Traveling by car is so much fun!! the little girl do not have to stay stacked into a bag.

We always have to keep an eye on them, everything is new and so tempting

Oh look flowers everywhere ...and maybe the bees will play with us 

There is always time to make friends

Climbing trees is their favorite pastime

Gibraltar was a bit scary for them, the real monkeys were definitely too curious

A fruit juice on the terrace is always appreciated

Back to Spain, in La Linea hotel, the little monkeys are back to their natural behavior 

Ah the sun, the sand, the sea...and of course the fun

Not very far from home, one can visit a beautiful city called Ronda. It was a bit risky for the girls. They are definitely too daring for their own sake.

The girls love window shopping and they do have a sweet tooth. Turròn is a Spanish delicacy and the lady was sweet as well.

It is always a joy for me to share my dolls with people and a smile is the best reward.

Monsaraz, is a  graceful medieval Portuguese village. The girls had so much to see... and climb.

Near our small Spanish village, a dam was recently built. Obviously it is a place suitable to discoveries.

While going back to France by car we stopped at Urrugne. A stone wall was enough for the girls to find new adventures.

Still in Urrugne the girls found a little toy truck. and it was at their size! 

oh the fun their had!

A garden is always a place for joy and laughter for the little Monkeys.

Another summer, another garden another moment of pure bliss.

In a park,  the girls can have so many activities. They discovered a large industrial rubber band abandoned in a tree, big enough to make a swing.

Climbing has always been their favorite pass-time

In  the same park they were introduced to the joys of the “Parcours” a discipline that they have always practiced without knowing the rules

The competition is tough and the orientation is not their strong point they are distracted so easily.

In the sand pit they have to dig a tunel with whatever tool they can find. a little disposable ice cream  spoon will do wonder.

Of course after so much effort they have to rest , it was nap time.

A river bank is so fascinating, they sat on a ramp to watch the water flow and the swans float gracefully

The curious swans  approached a little too close for the comfort of the little ones.

A small shoelace is big enough to make a jump rope. 

Candy, candy in a dish, How many pieces do you wish? 1...2...3...4...

Cities can be fun too. There are always surprises to discover, and challenges to try

Gardens are magic place where butterflies  come and play.

Water, summer, sun,  fun.

Summer is definitely the little Monkeys favorite season .

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream

During a trip to Seville, the little Monkeys had there minute of fame. in a  delicious Asiatic  buffet the ladies around us were totally seduced by the little dolls, who were more than willing to share some good time with them.