Time period: December 1997

In December 1997, hubby found an ad at the university, encouraging crafters of all category to rent a booth, display and sell. It was a new concept for me, but I was willing to give it a try.

“Treasure Barrel” was a tiny craft shop situated in a busy street in Edmonton (AB, Canada). I payed my shelf/space and the store managed the exposition and sales (+ kept a % of it). It was not very good for my business nor my gains, plus I did not have any chance to meet my customers .

After only a few months, the shop closed and another one opened at the city's outskirt. The concept of “the Crafter’s Market place” was similar, but I could place/expose my dolls outfits (in bags) and dressed dolls myself in my own booth. I payed a regular monthly rent and received the amount of my sales each end of month.

Sales were better mostly for little bagged outfits. I made some very good sales before Christmas at that time. But I still missed my customers' contact and warmth.

You 'll see the same picture of dressed doll several times, but I never made two identical dressed dolls outfit during all those years. 

Of course not all the dressed dolls were sold at one giving time/day, to be replaced by new ones.  I came back often at one show, event or shopping place with the OoaK dolls, until they were gone. I was of course sewing new ones at the same time to keep my home shelves full.

The bagged outfits were duplicated copied 5/6 times at the most.

Treasure Barrel add

Treasure Barrel's window

New OoaK waiting on my home shelves

The Crafter's Market place add

Crafter's Market Place window

Crafter's Market Place  booth