Heavenly Hair

Heavenly Hair is more a window than a shop. There is no access for the dolls to enter the place. A door on the side of Heavenly Hair (at the end of the sidewalk) pretends to be the entrance to the hypothetical hair salon.

I have made this window in fact to hold in place and in good condition my dolls wigs that were otherwise stored inside plastic bags and came out flat or scrambled.

The base structure of Heavenly Hair is a cheap cabinet found in the recycling container. It was partially destroyed, but it still had two intact sliding glass doors.

I fixed it and added a back panel

I closed the front of the open base to store 5 recycled cans, that will hold hair stuff (for future wig making).

As I wanted the front part to look like a wall I didn't make handles of any kind but 2 holes instead to open it easily.

I painted ( water based acrylics paint) the back and ceiling in white, the 2 sides in black and I covered the floor with aluminum foil (nice for the reflection).

I used empty toilet paper rolls and glass remnants to lift the shelves.

The little resin busts where bought years ago in a $ store holding very ugly hats. 

My friend Blondie agreed to pose inside the window to give  an idea about the scale. The size of the whole thing is

width: 71 cm/ depth: 34 cm / high: 75 cm

On the far right you can see that it fits nicely in the space in front of the condo were it still stand today.

I made a hat / wig stand following indication from Simplicity's pattern (# 9593 -Couturier doll Clothes series .

The other plastic wig holders came from Moxie Teenz with their own wigs (that fit nicely enough the head of Tonner size dolls).

For the interior decoration I added perfume labels  on the right side of the window for color and fun.

I used perfume sample bottles and even the test cards given out so generously in the shopping malls around Christmas season. This adds a bit of authenticity to the Hair/Perfume window (and some nice smell as well).

The full size bottle of "Femme" from Rochas (Original) was given to me by my mother.

The left pic shows the Heavenly Hair window and the doors to the hair salon to the right.

The doors are two glass panels bordered by aluminum tape. I glued hair advertisements behind them, then glued the glass to the wall at the end the sidewalk.

I am not a "tagger" so I used "tag fonts" to write some of the "Gang"names then I printed them, cut them and  glued them on the wall.