Odysseus simple youth

The lighthouse on Planitis Island was manufactured in 1886, it’s inactive now and it’s accessible only by boat. Planitis Island is very close to Panormos, a fishing village on the North-West coast of the island. People from the village brought food, and supply several times per year to the tiny island, as Aegeus was the lighthouse keeper and assured their security when they were at sea.

Aegeus Papadopoulos, the last of the Planitis lighthouse keeper took care of the maritime security as well as of the building for several years.

His wife, Agape and him, lived childless, by themselves with only a goat named Ophelia for sole companion, for a long and peaceful time, until one morning they heard a cry from the island’s west coast, a tiny moan like a kitten call throughout the wind. Agape went around investigating and was stunned to discover an abandoned baby wrapped in blanket and rags inside a wooden box, wedged between two rocks. Isolated as they were during the winter season she brought the baby home and took care of him. It was a little boy a couple of days old. Probably a desperate woman from Panormos, the main island, had entrusted the baby to the water hoping that he will have more chance of surviving the elements than under her misery.

He appeared dehydrated and famished but otherwise healthy, Aegeus and Agape decided to keep the little treasure and raise him as their own. They named him Odysseus Ulysses, as it appeared that he was a strong little fellow who came back from a long ordeal and survived.

After several months when the islanders came to bring supplies, no questions were asked and it became common knowledge that after several long childless years Aegeus and Agape were finally blessed with a son.

Odysseus grew beautiful and strong, he was a bit shy as he never had any friend to play with excepted Ophelia the old goat.

He did not mind isolation; he thought he had two good parents and a good life.

His parents educated him the best they could so he knew how to read, to count, to listen and draw. He had plenty of time on his hands and Mama and Papa with Ophelia, and the boat and his surrounding was his main drawing subjects.

His mom taught him how to cook and how to take care of himself, his dad taught him how to swim, to fish and how to read the stars.

Later on, after both passed on, Ophelia did not live any more longer. The light house was closed to be replaced by a skeletal tower, that did not need any human intervention, Odysseus registered as sailor and never set foot on Island Planitis again, leaving behind the memories of love, youth and freedom he had for all those wonderful years spent there.

Original doll :2002-15"GX Mega forces wild fire rescue-Placo toys Co.

the outfit, knitting and accessories are "made in home".