Paraiso Balcony

Once the Heavenly Hair window was finished I thought it could use an extension. So looking through my recycling bin I found some narrow pieces of wood, some plaster and some nicely turned wooden pegs from an old corner shelf. Unexpectedly while grocery shopping I came by an old (beauty chest maybe??) mirror that was calling my name.

I painted the top of the Heavenly hair box in acrylic white paint.

I painted the wooden pegs as well.

I framed the top of the box with remnants of wood.

The walls of the balcony are 72 cm X 12 cm

As the pegs were a bit too wide for the width of the wood walls, I added a little narrow wooden strip, and I glued it on the edge.

I evenly glued the pegs on top of it and covered them with a piece of molding to form a kind of balcony.

I covered the wall facade in plaster, then I painted everything white.

The old mirror was screwed directly to the wall.

The door ( virtual access to the stairs) was made of fiberboard, painted white.

I have used pieces of an old lamp and a tiny wood stick painted brass for the door handle.

The window is made of a carton frame over a piece of aluminum.

At the inside base of the balcony I glued a false ceramics paper from a model construction magazine.

In the far right pic, Kate is showing you the scale.

Here you can see the ensemble of the Heavenly Hair window and its Paraiso balcony facing the condo apartments.