Tica's Life Story

Louana was very excited when her mom, Davina, was invited for the “Codes, Ciphers & Mysteries” convention in Lima, Peru.

Louana has never traveled much since coming with her adoptive Mom, from her birth place, Nicaragua. Since then they have lived together in Monaco.

Davina often said that one day they would travel together and Louana would have the opportunity to visit other countries.

Monaco and Davina’s house was very comfortable and Louana appreciated each moment of her new life since she had arrived from Nicaragua, living with her adoring Mom, but it was indeed important for her to remember as well how difficult life can be for those less fortunate who have lost parents and family and found themselves alone and abandoned by all.

The trip was wonderful and event-less. After settling in the hotel and adjusting to the jet lag, the two went out for some tourism in downtown Lima.

The city is indeed very different from Monaco, it’s huge and noisy. Both loving art it was in the project to visit the Mali (Museo de Arte de Lima) and they spent a fabulous time there. The textile room was Louana’s favorite.

The following days, Davina was busy with the convention and Louana stayed the whole time coloring her favorite picture books in the hotel room, under the caring presence of one very gentle lady, who was asked by Davina to check on her daughter and see if she needed anything. The lady’s name was Gianella. She was the Hotel “on site nanny “.

On the last day of the convention, Davina joined Louana and Gianella in the hotel’s restaurant. Louana was enjoying a big ice cream gifted by her “nanny”. 

Gianella told Davina that her daughter was adorable and easy going, but now she had to leave to go to the orphanage, where she was volunteering after work. Louana was adopted from a Nicaraguan orphanage and asked her mom if they could go with Gianella, and bring some cookies, candies and pop drinks to the orphans. Davina agreed and after some shopping the three of them arrived at a very poor and dilapidated building. “La Casa de Esperanza” (the house of hope) was a very sad sight indeed, peeling paint, broken windows barely covered by faded torn curtains and ruined floors. That was most of what they could see around them. The mismatched, many time recycled, furniture were barely standing.

Gianella guided her new friends to the “General Office” and the gifts offered by Louana were very appreciated indeed.

The manager offered them a tour of the facilities. Everything was so sad, Louana remembered her time in her orphanage, that was barely more comfortable than this one.

The kids around were between 3 and 15 years old. There were now 12 children in this place. Most of them came directly from the streets and some from hospitals.

A brunet girl, about Louana’s age, was calmly playing with some little wooden dolls. They were probably made by the staff, using bits and things for the body, using old cloth to dress them.

The little girl came closer to thank Davina for the goodies and sweets. She said she had never eaten any cookies as good as those before, and they made her happy.

She held out her hand toward Louana and gave her a pebble. It was a simple smooth little light blue colored stone, slightly flat on one side, maybe used to ornate an aquarium or play Mancala. Maybe the little girl had found it in the street. This was certainly her only treasure, and the only thing she could give in exchange of all the good things she received.

Louana was very moved by the gesture and hugged the young girl very warmly to thank her. Davina saw immediately a bond between the two, almost similar girls. Both were brunet, of similar height and age, they almost looked alike and could be sisters in fact...and then the idea just popped up in her mind, SISTERS...why not?

Why not adopting a sister for Louana and save another life from misery?

Leaving the two little girls together with Gianella, Davina asked the manager if they could have a talk.

While back in the poor office, the manager told Davina the little girl’ story.

The little girl had been abandoned at birth at the Cusco’s Hospital, because the parents had been told that she had died right after birth. When later the misunderstanding was explained, the baby was given back to the couple, but they did not want her because they thought it was not their kid. So the little girl who was named Tica, stayed at the hospital for 3 years until arriving at the Lima’s orphanage.

Now Tica was 8 years old (Louana’s age) and of course she could be adopted and would certainly be very happy to be. She was a good girl, very calm and always happy to help others. She knew how to read and write, as basic schooling was given to the kids at “the casa”.

Papers were immediately made and signed for pre-adoption, passport was promptly given at the “Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones” and a plane ticket was bought immediately after arriving at the hotel. The definitive adoption would be finalized at the Monaco’s consulate.

Davina planned to tell the girls only when everything would be settled and done.

A couple of days later, at their last visit at the orphanage, Louana was already crying to leave her new friend behind while returning home. Tica looked at them deeply with a very sad face for a very long time, like she was printing their images for ever into her mind, as she knew that she would never see them again.

Davina came close to them, took both girls’ hands and said.

-”What about stopping crying and imagine that you will not be separated... EVER“

The time stood still for a while, the girls where not certain about the meaning of those words. Louana looked at her Mom who smiled gently at her and said

-”Yes the papers are signed and Tica’s luggage are made. You are sisters from now on”.

At this moment the sky became brighter. Then, the room was filled with excitement, laughter, cries, shouting, dances, kisses and hugs, as if a fire work of happiness had exploded. It was magical, Tica was adopted, she had a mom and she had a sister. Louana was overjoyed she would have a sister with whom she would go to school, read, play, share her life and secrets.

Her Mom was definitely the best Mom on earth, oops sorry THEIR Mom was the best Mom on the planet.

Original doll :  Davina: 2006-Emme -Plus Size Model  from R. Tonner

                               Tica:  2005-Janet-Wee Friends from Mattel

the outfit, accessories  and prop are "Made in Home".