The Lotus lounge-02

As expected the Lotus Lounge was updated. I wanted it a bit more open and luminous

Looking for inspiration I found a nice little coloring album . I copied and enlarged one of the sketch. Then I printed it on 6  pages.  I glued the pages on a big piece of cardboard. and used acrylics to paint it.

To create the door frame, I measured and draw a big circle on left over textured wall paper.  3 layers glued together gave some strength and thickness then I painted the frame  using brown acrylics paint .

 I used mostly the same elements for the decoration as in lounge #01. the same golden carpet, the same  (foam blocs) coach, but covered it with another fabric, plus I added bamboo accent.  I used the same Zen sand garden and  little Chinese wise men given by my mother. In front of them are black sticks used for Chinese calligraphy.

On the two facing walls I placed two large  landscape composition by Nagasawa- Edo period  (1615-1868) each panel printed on 6 separate pages, is glued on cardboard, then glued on bamboo panels.

The coffee table is the same as in lounge #01 . A  piece of glass framed with black electrical tape, then  placed over a black compartmentalized carton box filled with various decorative Asian tokens. 

I made two little low cushions, made in simple foam, cover in Asiatic fabric and edged with bamboo.

General view of the full room. I love the garden view that gives the room a real depth 

Yoko has invited Lilly for a Japanese tea ceremony (known as sadō/chadō (茶道, 'The Way of Tea') 

Of course Lilly left her shoes at the door.