Tiangtang Market

Tiangtang Market was  basically there for the color, the decor, the activity on the sidewalk and the use of my numerous magnets gathered through the years.

I  made this little farmer market booth with some spare wood . The back is slightly higher than the front

27 cm high for the back, / 19 cm high for the front  / 32 cm for the width.  

A little plank is glued across, near the bottom, for stability. and extra storage

I glued some tiny wooden sticks on the surface, near the front,  to hold the magnets in place. I added a little extension to the right of the both to hold the "seafood boat". Underneath, on the horizontal shelf I placed flower pots.

All the seafood and most of the veggies are magnets and came as is in their respective square basket or box ( kiwis are Re-ment).

The advertising /prices on the back panel came from supermarket fliers and McDonald's tray covers.

 It is not very big , it does leave some front space for the dolls to stand or walk.

I loved the colors from this little booth market and the cross stitched seed bags that I  made.

It was nice,  but after a while I decided to reuse most of its components and create/build a real grocery, so the Tien duong Square and the little Tiangtang market disappeared to make way for the Ialou Grocery.