Here you will find some more individual stories about some members of "The Gang". They look for their ancestors, they stumble upon a piece of jewelry, an old photo album or an old letter, and they start from there to go back to their roots.

01-Lilly Chevalier-Fox 

Lilly's first fashion show

27- Lizbeth Smith Evans

Lizbeth shares with us the story of her great-great-grand-mother.

02-Marie Chevalier-Fox

Looking trough the past, Marie found hers.

36-Louana Jara Chamorro-Tonelli

Louana's life before her new mom.

34-Halldöra Nanna Johannsdottir

Iceland is still in Halldóra's blood. The customs and passions of her ancestors' country never stop to enrich her life.

22-Odysseus Ulysses Papadopoulos

Happy who, like Ulysses, made a beautiful journey, or the dreams of the lost child .

03-Pierre Alexandre Fox

The Lewis and Clark Expedition from Aug 31, 1803, to Sept 25, 1806, has always fascinated Pierre. One lucky day a little wooden chest brought him closer to this adventure. 

08- Sirine Helene Peeters

Sirine was always impressed by Amelia Earhart's legend. Receiving a scarf made her understand why.

46- Tica Miski Quispe-Tonelli

Tica is an orphan from Peru, and Louana would love to have a sister.