05-Easy dressing 

it is not always easy to dress our dolls. the fingers get caught into the stitches of the knitted sweater, or the delicate lace.  Our men having long sleeves shirt and then deciding that it is time to wear a jacket, often the shirt sleeves go up with the jacket sleeve and this is quite bothering. I present to you some simple solution to resolve those little troubles

Tip # 01-Mock gloves: you simply draw a simple rough silhouette around the doll's hand. then cut two, sew, and turn it over . you place the mocking glove on your doll's hands then dress her up. the finger are not going et to get gaught

Tip #02-holding Sleeves: simple, quick and effective. When the shirt is on the doll, pass a couple of stitches on the base of the wrist band, crossing over the doll'thumb. then just dress the doll normaly with the sweater or the jacket. when done cut the threads and remove them.

original girl doll: Sydney Chase 16"from R. Tonner

Original male dolls : Matt and  Basil. 16"dolls from R. Tonner

all outfits are ¨Made in Home"