Lilly's first fashion show

First Fashion show:

March 29th  Lilly presented her first fashion show. It was her dream  since a long time. A lot has to be done but she was willing to give it her best. After deciding her theme, fabrics, and color palette, she drew her first sketches. The ideas flew easily under her pencil and watercolor brushes. For her first event she wanted to show who she was, simple, discreet, practical but still romantic. Very soon  sketches panels filled up.

30 different models were  imagined, thought, and soon the  

first drawings were made. The fabrics and yarns were chosen and ordered, when they arrived, Lilly  started working immediately 

The final models were sketched, the little fabric sample attached near each one. Then finally the prepared sketches were organized on panels. .

Machine and hand sewing, knitting, working with silk, satin, organza, lace and/or yarns.

 Time was flying. Lilly stayed up for very long hours.

Machine and hand sewing, knitting, working with silk, satin, organza, lace and/or yarns.

 Time was flying. Lilly stayed up for very long hours.

Some time , she was so happy with some of the models she just had created, that she could not resist to try it on.

Then finally, arrived the big day ! The final result, the critics, and judgment and hopefully approvals.

Mei li, Lilly’s best friend since forever, was of course, the first to arrive, bringing to her friend support and encouragement

Lilly made a point to greet personally and warmly all the attendees

Quickly , everybody was seated , ready for the show.

Dmitri Shostakovitch - The Second Waltz was discreetly played in the background.

The models paraded gracefully to the sound of the waltz

When the show was over, the guests were under the charm,  Ooh  and Aah accompanied the applauses  when the bride gave her bouquet to Lilly (this was Fabio’s idea )

As everybody stand up to reach to  the designer, Fabio run to be the first to congratulate Lilly.

Some guests came to see the models up close...others were ready to order as quickly as possible. 

Some other were enjoying time with friends like Kate & Sean or Blondie & Trent

Mei li congratulated Lilly for her splendid first fashion show. The young designer was very happy indeed and quite absently she envisioned already the next one.

The models presented for the fashion show are  “made in Home”

The actors  : 

Lilly (Tyler – R. Tonner)

Mei li ( Mei li – R. Tonner)

Kate (Tyler - R. Tonner ) made in home outfit

Sean  (Basil st john – R. Tonner) made in home outfit

Blondie (Gene Marshal – Mel Odom ) made in home outfit

Fabio  (Matt O’Neil – R. Tonner) made in home outfit

 Models : 

Mei li - R. Tonner

Sidney - R. Tonner

Tyler - R. Tonner

Roxie Hart (Chicago) - R. Tonner

Brenda Starr - R. Tonner

 Daphne – R. Tonner

Angelique – R. Tonner

Esme – R. Tonner

Velma Jones (Chicago) - R. Tonner

Basil saint john – R. Tonner

Matt O’Neil – R. Tonner

Gene Marshall blond– Mel Odom 

Gene Marshall brunette– Mel Odom 

Trent – Mel Odom

Alex – Madame Alexander

The guest /attendee outfit as well as Lilly’s outfit are original from R. Tonner or Mel Odom (excepted previously described as Lilly's designs)