Office Lilly # 01

Lilly being my muse it should not be surprising that I started by making her office, even if I knew it would not be a definitive one. Dioramas being ephemeral anyway, here is the first office I made for Lilly.

This was my first attempt, just trying here and there all the stuff I had at hand.

A little plastic sewing machine, a ceramic tile as table, the stool from Gene Marshal (Mel Odom) collection, some cork boards, etc...

This was just to give me an idea of the space I had to use and the scale in general.

After the first trial, I painted the room in white acrylic paint. I used self adhesive black paper to cover the floor.

I made her a drafting table out of wood remnants.

Lilly seemed happy for a while, working in her sewing room, and she loved her little adhesive figurines.

But even if everything was clean and OK, Lilly out of the blue asked me:

- "Dom, I want a change!!"

So I did not have a choice, did I?.