Pierre & the Corps of Discovery

Pierre & Marie are fervent hunter for antiques and wonders in regular basis at the Paris’flee market, situated in Saint-Ouen, porte de Clignancourt, and in the old/antics books stands( Bouquinistes) from the “Pont Marie” to quai du Louvre for the right bank, and from quai de la Tournelle to quai Voltaire for the left bank 

One beautiful sunny day Pierre & Marie discovered a little wooden trunk that, from the seller’s saying, originated from USA around 1800-1830. This little wooden chest was even more intriguing as it was closed, with of course no known key. The seller thought it could be more valuable to sale it “as is” to keep the mystery intact.

It was obvious that something was kept inside, like papers and maybe something soft as well. Pierre didn’t even bargain the price as he was a faithful patron from this booth since a long time and he knew the seller as an honest friend as well. Passionate for the Lewis & Clark Corps of discovery Expedition, everything around 1804-1806 originated of USA was valuable for Pierre.

Back home he was indeed exited to open this little trunk as soon as possible, but with the minimum damage of course, the box on itself had already an historical value.

Pierre and Marie’s front door neighbor named Bill, had a dark past and was for a long time a very famous and searched after “cat burglar”. Pierre showed him the little wooden chest and Bill smiles with confidence. Finally after a short time between Bill’s agile fingers, the lid opened with a slight creak and the wooden box was totally undamaged

What wasn’t a huge surprise for Pierre by discovering its content?

Neatly folded in the box he discovered

       Originally the sash was uses for back support for the voyageurs that traveled the fur brigade trails. It was a belt that was finger woven and had a fringe on either ends, used to tie the capote of the wood runner (coureur des bois), the sash was used as well as harness to carry or attach material and/or equipment. The fringes could be used as thread for an emergency sewing kit as well.

        that were habitually exchanged with Native people or offered as gift.

      may be to be used for tea or to flavor fresh water, or even used as spice or for medicinal purpose.

     This kind of smoking pipe was in use from 1580-1860.

Scrutinizing the old papers with a magnifier glass, Pierre discovered that he was in fact in presence of the birth certificate of a Genevieve Flore,

Geneviève Flore- Birth certificate -1788

As well, the box contained a document for her marriage with no other then François Labiche!

François Labiche & Geneviève, Marie Flore - Mariage licence year 1809

Geneviève Flore & François Labiche had 7 children; one of their daughters, Maggie married Eugene Ackerman they together had four children, their youngest daughter, Blanche, married Paul Fox in 1873

Pierre with previous information could retrace his family tree and was absolutely thrilled to discover such invaluable documents inside is “treasure chest”.

Pierre knew that Labiche, who was half-French and half-Omaha native, was enlisted in the Corps of discovery, in May 16, 1804 from St Charles, Missouri, a little town of 403 people.

Labiche was “Indian” trader and due to his knowledge of several languages, he was as well interpreter during the Expedition.

Francois Labiche accompanied Lewis to Washington after the expedition to interpret for the Indian chief, Big White.

Being passionate as he was for the great adventurers, Pierre felt now that somewhat he too was part of the “Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery” through his ancestor François Labiche.

Pierre Fox family tree

Of course the two first names are from real history but the dates can/could not be accurate as very little record has been found about those persons. So dates/names/events/documents presented in those pages are purely from my imagination.

Here you can sea Pierre family tree. As well as his lineage with François Labiche you’ll notice the family relation between Lilly and her cousin Kate.


Original doll :2002- Trent, skiing or she-ing, blond- Mel Odom/Ashton Drake galleries.

the outfit, prop, furniture and documents  are "made in home".(excepted for the clock)