Classical Office

The classical  office required some elaborate furniture. Chair, desk, bookshelf, fire place etc...  All are of course homemade with whatever could be used for it.

I made the desk with recycled pallet. Length 30 cm / Depth 14 cm / High 16 cm

The drawers are matchboxes and the front is covered with a tiny pieces of wood molding and beads are used as mock knobs.

I stained it dark oak and finished it by covering the top with a copper brown sheet of false leather that I finished with a fine line of copper ink.

For the office chair, I drew and cut the shape on an orange juice container.

I wound up a string around the arms and glued some string on the side to create a 3D shape. I then stuck another piece of carton on the inside, thus closing the opening.

I painted it a kind of old wood and placed it on a swivel base (bobbin/screw). Then I made a brown false leather cushion. Pierre is quite comfortably seated now and his chair turns as any normal desk chair should do

The bookshelf is made of tiny collectible shelves (found in a second hand store), and a base I made from scrap wood. I added some wood moldings and plaster casts to give some sculpting 3D effect, then I stained all in dark oak.

I used a big anniversary National Geographic poster with all the covers since 1915. They are a tiny bit too small, but I could not resist using such perfect replicas (I still have plenty of those to do).

I made the fire place some years back. It is made of wood and painted false black marble then varnished.

The "fire" inside is made of real twigs glued together. the andirons are tiny hair clips

Under the logs I inserted battery powered Christmas lights (red and yellow only) that give a very pleasant fire effect when turned on.

Here you have a couple of views of the office.

The window is a multi-photo frame with an enlarged printed photo of greenery or winter scene.

The floor is covered with self adhesive dark wood vinyls.

This room is used by several members of the Gang, the general idea stays the same, and the same pieces of furniture stay in this room, but depending of the story's need or space, they are momentary moved or removed. 

Pierre is often at his desk studying the Map of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The little dry flowers under the map came from Great Falls, MT. Pierre was with us when we visited the Interpretive Center.

From time to time the invisible man comes to sit at the desk to read (most of the time novels about himself ).

Davina comes to this room to help her daughter Louana for her homework.

Marie reads and consults archives in this room.

This is definitely Pierre and Marie favorite room.