Time period: 1992-94

After my very modest "debut". Hubby and I moved from Edmonton, Ab. (Canada) to Mexico City DF.(Mexico).

After spending some times learning my Spanish survival basics, dolls came back quickly in mind. I had brought from Canada some naked ladies who were crying for new clothes. Fabric is fabulous in Mexico and I quickly bought a brand new sewing machine and started right away to dress my dolls.

A friend of mine invited me at her daughter's school for a charity event. I had done most of my sales in Canada this way, so,I didn't hesitate. I dressed some twenty dolls (Barbie and clones) and went to the event.

How very surprised I was to see how quick the sales went! And the next year I had to come back with more wedding dresses as the little girls in Mexico could not imagine their dolls without this unique and indispensable garment. This time as well the table was empty at the end of the day.

Here are some pics of fashion made in Mexico.