Time period: Sept.10, 1999

My first Barbie convention, the first convention in Canada held in Calgary! Yeah! This was such a thrill!.

It was just unreal to be into this circle of purely doll lovers. I was at this time part of the Barbie collectors club of Alberta in Calgary. We met once a month and I learned plenty during those moments.

The “Pretty in Pink" convention was a great success and a lot of fun  and I really enjoyed myself,

On the Sunday  when I placed my dolls on my table in the saleroom, I was told that nothing should be under C$100.00 . Oh my, that was a kind of high range for me, but OK , rules are rules. I was new to conventions and I didn't want to make a fuss, so I adjusted my price labels before the sale room opened and waited… had some pleasant chat with people passing by ...waited more. Smiled to the encouraging comments ... waited and waited… for the full day and sold nothing  :(  not a single dressed doll left my table. I was very disappointed, and even if I was happy to have such an opportunity, this gave me a moral blow. It had been a big investment for me at the time, and from this moment on, I sewed less for Barbie, discovering the big girls as Gene Marshall from Mel Odom entered my life. the 15"1/2 " doll size made a strong impact on my mind.

My first doll convention

I was so ready for this big day

Our diner table

Some of my creations presented with others for the contest

The convention doll created by Paul Knibbs. I still have mine if someone is interested

 Some of my dolls present for the contests