Niels Nathan Bakken

General information:

Pet: None

Alias/nickname: Niels

Address: Oslo, Norway

Profession: Student, sleuth amateur (mysteries and treasure hunting)

Employer: None, but works little jobs (flier distribution and fast food cook) to pay his extra.

Personal information

Birthday: August 21

Nationality: Norwegian

Hair color: Blond

Eyes color: Blue

Particularity: None

Hobby: Soccer, mystery/adventure books (favorites, the Hardy boys, Jules Verne)

Marital status: Single.

Family relation: None, with any member of the “gang” but his father and Karim s’ are associates (Karim's best friend)

Character: Hyper active, insouciant, generous.

Fashion preferences: Cool, easy kite running

Favorite colors: blue


Original doll: 2003-My Scene, Hudson, "soccer”, Mattel Co.