Gang identities

When a new member arrives to join the Gang, I am very excited indeed not only for the gift (this is usually the case, as the dolls came from my Hubby or my Friends) but for the fact that I have to create a new life for it. This is not an easy task. I cannot create his/her personage without seeing him/her personally. So, when I open the box the adventure begins.

1-The nationality: It has to correspond to the doll's aspect (hair/eyes/skin/ general face characteristics) and from a country that is not already too much present in the Gang as I love variety.

2- The name: if the name is not "shouted" by the doll right out of the box (this happened for Lilly, Marie, Pierre, Fabio and some others) I go look in the web and choose a name that suits my doll's country and characteristics. Do not ask me why, but sometimes the name does not fit the doll and if so, I cannot go on with the personality.

3-The profession: for each member of the Gang the profession is important. They are serious and stable professionals, they care about people and the environment, and they love their career (each one is a job I personally would have loved to do).

4-The rest of it : after this, the mood/character is set for the newbie, and the hobby, fashion preferences, favorite color and so on come naturally (to my mind).

In fact, these dolls are a representation of my multiple personalities. It's more manageable to express them this way than to keep them all in my brain, or even to share the problems (and confusion of them all talking together) in front of a shrink :)

Ladies & gentlemen! Let me introduce you to

"The Gang"