Wilhelm Aurick Ziegler

General information:

Pet: Gold Labrador named Isold

Alias/nickname: Wilhelm

Address: Stuttgart, Germany

Profession: Conductor Orchestra

Actual employer: Stuttgart sinfonieorchester

Personal information

Birth date: October 03

Nationality: German

Hair color: Blond

Eyes color: Blue

Particularity: None

Hobby: drum player and manager of the "Regency Club 1818"

Marital status: single

Family relation: None with any member of the Gang

Character: calm, introvert

Fashion preferences: classic & Hugo Boss but Regency for his club

Favorite colors: none specific


Original doll: 2007-Cindarella's Prince Charming from R. Tonner Co.

Comment: I cut and restyled his hair

Other: This doll was gifted to me by my friend Cecile in exchange for some sewing work.