Adalie Laurence Fisher

General information:

Pet: None

Alias/nickname: Adalie

Address: San Diego, California, USA

Profession: Talent agent

Actual employer: Blondie Baker

Personal information

Birth date: November 08

Nationality: Gibraltarian

Hair color:  Brown, permanent wig

Eyes color: Brown

Particularity: None

Hobby:  Cinema oldies

Marital status: single

Family relation: None with any member of the Gang

Character:  Very active, diplomatic 

Fashion preferences:  30'

Favorite colors: Blue


Original doll: 2007-Sidney Chase, Modeling Agency "Lace roses", R. Tonner Co.

Comment: I received her bald, she always wears a wig. she has been repainted but I do not know the artist's name.

Other: This doll arrived to me through an exchange with my friend Laurent.