Bo-Bae Kim

General information:

Pet: None

Alias/nickname: Bo-Bae

Address: Seoul, South Korea

Profession: Medical doctor,

Actual employer: Doctors Without Borders organization in Seoul.

Personal information

Birth date: April 19

Nationality: Korean

Hair color: Black

Eyes color: Brown

Particularity: None

Hobby: Movies & travel

Marital status: Single

Family relation: None with any member of the “Gang”

Character: Organized, really « Work » oriented, very calm, sweet and reserved.

Fashion preferences: No specific preferences, everything sober and wearable in all circumstances got her approval.

Favorite colors: White, pastels, and light colors in general


Original doll: Koko from Sandra Bilotto, collection Butterfly Ring

Comment: I've made her a makeover, eyes and hair. Changed her body for a more articulated Alex from Madame Alexander