Ayla Feriha Ozdemir

General information:

Pet: None

Alias/nickname: Ayla

Address:  Istanbul, Turkey

Profession: Hotel Manager

Actual employer: The Orient Hotel

Personal information

Birth date:  October 29

Nationality: Turkish

Hair color:  brown 

Eyes color: blue

Particularity: None

Hobby: the Orient Express- travels ,History, Fashion, Books and movies about it

Marital status: single

Family relation: None with any member of the Gang

Character: dynamic and very diplomatic 

Fashion preferences: Turkish designers and 1900/1915 historical fashion

Favorite colors:  all colors


Original doll: 2000 Alex Ford Fairchild head on a 2004 Mod Sofia Cruz body


Other: I had a dark colored body and a light colored head. I dyed the shaved head and she wears a permanent wig.