Odysseus Ulysses Papadopoulos

General information:

Pet: none

Alias/nickname: Ulysses

Address: Mostly hotels and boats but own a little retreat near Agia Roumeli, Crete

Profession: Sailor

Actual employer: Best paying Captain

Personal information

Birth date: October 28

Nationality: Greek

Hair color: Blond

Eyes color: Blue

Particularity: Tattoos

Hobby: Nautical knots, lighthouse

Marital status: Single.

Family relation: None with the “gang”

Character: Very quiet, courageous.

Fashion preferences: Sailor uniform, comfortable at work as at home.

Favorite colors: Blue.


Original doll: 2002-GX Mega Forces wild fire rescue, Placo Toys Co.

Comment: I repainted his hair and eyes