Federico Bernardo   Iannuzzi

General information:

Pet: Snake, named Silencer

Alias/nickname: FBI. 

Address: Florence, Italy

Profession: Investigator specialized in retrieving stolen art, and rare stolen archaeological artifacts.

Actual employer: Museums, insurance companies, private collectors.

Personal information

Birth date: April 15

Nationality: Italian

Hair color: Brown

Eyes color: Blue

Particularity: none

Hobby: Scale modeling. 

Marital status: Married. 

Family relation: Married with Cesario, I. Abruzzo (CIA) 

Character: Introvert, agile, discreet, very bright 

Fashion preferences:  practical, discreet for work but fun and colorful when relax

Favorite colors:  light and bright colors but black for work


Original doll: 2002- GX Mega forces , Platoon leader- Placo Toys Co. 

Comment: I repainted his eyes

Other:  CIA and FBI are civilly united but leave separately into the same building, due to their pets intolerance to each others.