Halldòra Nanna Johannsdottir

General information:

Pet: Maine Coon named Rune

Alias/nickname: Nanna

Address: Gimli & Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Profession: English professor

Employer: University of Manitoba

Personal information

Birthday: Sept 03

Nationality: Canadian /Icelandic descent

Hair color: Platinum blond

Eye color: Light blue

Particularity: None

Hobby: Her roots history and books . knitting.

Marital status: Single.

Family relation: None with any member of the “Gang”

Character: Calm, understanding, friendly

Fashion preference: Discreet and classic

Favorite color: Black, White and hound tooth


Original doll: 2012-Urban Vita “in the buff” platinum blonde from Horsman

Comment: I removed the highlight of her make up as it was shining to much on pictures