Eden Café

The Eden Café came very early in my mind in the elaboration of the condo, as well as its Art Deco flair. It is situated on the main floor, left of the Nirvana's shop.(see plan in condominium )

From the basic white box I started to do the floor. After drawing on the floor, I painted white and black stripes, then applied chrome tape, to achieve the result I wanted.

The name is simply written with a black permanent  marker.

The bar (here partially finished) is made of a thin pine recycled wood board, with one main horizontal shelf (very narrow) and a couple of  vertical smaller shelves. 

Valentino 15"standing behind his bar, waiting for me to hang the light fixtures.

Recycled ice cream plastic containers.

The light fixtures are simply 2 (delicious) plastic containers,

I cut the base and finished it with chrome tape. Then the fixture was glued to the ceiling.

The liquor/glasses shelf on the back of the bar is a little collectible shelf bought in a second hand store ages ago.

I used  glossy and matte oil based black paint to obtain a two tone black finish. I added little pieces of aluminum foil on the back of some of the niches to add interest and some reflection for the glasses.

To make the first glasses, I cut clear plastic tubing at the right size (different sizes for various kind of glasses).

I removed the metal needle from push pins, keeping only the clear plastic handle.

I hot glued the tube to the smaller end of the plastic pin, then I added a tiny metallic washer at the base of each glass for stability.

Later on, I bought a bunch of mini wine glass table tossers and placed them on a glass rack, over the bar after removing the light fixtures.

The coffee machine: parts 

The base (1 big & 1 small match box)

Horizontal container (2 film canisters + a tiny charm and a tiny thermometer)

Vertical  container part (1 Kinder chocolate surprise canister + 1 film canister 

4 legs (4 pill box lids ).

All was glued then  metallic spray painted. Charms/beads and aluminum foil were added for decorating  as well as a little brass kinder surprise on the top (it looks like it could be the company 's logo).

I made  a clock using  tiny bits of wood glued then painted (acrylics). I added  washers to add interest and keep it Art- Deco style.

The door is a piece of fiberboard painted white. I drew /painted on it the geometrical lines & shapes.

I used wood remnant to make two bar stools

The chairs are CD holders covered with homemade  black false leather cushion.

The table are black glass coasters hot glued on the  top of  cookie cutters.

I have added some chairs and tables for the comfort of the patrons. The black and white movie photos and posters match nicely.

The little Eden Café and the charming and always so discreet Valentino know how to welcome our friends at the end of the day. Pierre comes often after a flight for a little espresso. 

 Lilly , Olga  and Lizbeth are hanging  out after a full day of shopping .

The new  "Art Deco" style.  with some details

As always improving the choices and comfort of his patrons, Valentino added a beer  tap. 

The beer mug came from keychains. the beer foam is made with foam peanuts. i found plenty enough beer label to be printed on the web, to decorate the painted table/machine/base

I transformed a simple yellow commercial coffee pot key-chain  into a more modern pot,  just by painting it with nail polish. This is Lilly's favorite

using cardboard, and plastic cover I made a fridge to be place at the end of the bar. The customers can now have cold drinks ans ice cream.

The "Eden café", as many other rooms, changed over the years,  I changed the tables,  removed the light fixtures to add the glass rack, removed the clock and the door, then of course changed the wall decoration. here is how it look in 2022 with Valentino, Mercedes  and Fabio.